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Oulu Thaiboxing Club was established in autumn 2007.


If you have been practising muay thai, kickboxing or boxing earlier, you can just come to our training or contact us first at info (at) .


Training sessions are on the boxing gym of Raksila swimming hall and Värtön liikuntahalli.





Membership fee (paid yearly)
10 €
6 Months
80 €
3 Months
50 €
10-Time card
40 €
Beginners course
80 €



The practising hours are:

Wednesday 20.00-21.30 at Värtön liikuntahalli

Perjantai 19-20.30 Raksila swimming hall, boxing gym

Sunnuntai 15-16.30 Raksila swimming hall, boxing gym (sparrig/free practise)



Muay Thai Association of Finland

Oulu Thaiboxing Club is a member of  Muay Thai Association of Finland.

Muay Thai Association of Finland was founded 1994. Association founders
were Muay Thai clubs from Turku, Helsinki and Tampere.

Primary goals of Muay Thai Association of Finland are spreading,
developing and promoting Muay Thai sport and activity in Finland.

M.T.A.F. is member of World leading Muay Thai Associations, such as WMC,

Muay Thai Association of Finland best achievments are two WMC
professional World Champion titles, professional european title and
seven amateur world championship titles. M.T.A.F. has also several other
notable merits.

Muay Thai Association of Finland

Ulvilantie 17 H 102

00350 Helsinki

President Viktor Rantala

viktor.rantala [at]
Mob. +358503587745

International co-ordinator, Simo Halmevuo
simo.halmevuo [at]
Mob. +358451372223







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